Redmi 12 listed at FCC and IMEI, likely the new budget smartphone offering from Xiaomi

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Redmi, a popular smartphone brand known for its mid-range Note series, has managed to gain equal recognition for its budget-friendly offerings. The latest addition to its range of affordable devices is the Redmi 12, which has recently been introduced to the global market. Alongside this, the company has also unveiled the Redmi A1 and A2 phones, and now, it seems that Redmi’s parent company, Xiaomi, is preparing to launch yet another budget phone, the Redmi 12. The phone’s existence has been revealed through findings on both the US FCC and IMEI websites, though information on the device is scarce at the moment. Despite the limited details, it is exciting to anticipate what the Redmi 12 will bring to the table.

The Redmi 12 seems to be the upcoming budget-friendly smartphone from the popular smartphone brand, as indicated by its name. Although the company hasn’t confirmed the release of the device as yet, it has been listed on the IMEI database, revealing its name and model number as 23053RN02L. Additionally, another version of the phone with a different model number, 23053RN02Y, has been spotted on the FCC website. While there’s little information available on the specs and features of the device, the fact that it has made appearances on both the IMEI and FCC databases hints that the launch of the phone seems imminent.

Sources suggest that the Redmi 12 will be launched as a 4G smartphone, featuring MIUI 14 as its pre-installed operating system. Although it is expected that the device’s software will be based on Android 13, it is worth noting that Redmi can be unpredictable in this aspect. For instance, the company recently released an update for its Redmi Note 12 Pro phones, which was based on Android 12 but still carried the MIUI 14 branding, leaving room for speculation about what version of Android the Redmi 12 will be running.

Furthermore, the FCC disclosure has revealed that the Redmi 12 will come with a charging adapter, model number MDY-12-EA, which supports 33W fast charging. This leads us to speculate that the phone could have a minimum battery capacity of 5000mAh. While the rest of the smartphone’s specifications are still unknown, we anticipate that additional details will emerge through leaks and rumors in the near future. We will keep an eye out for further updates and keep you informed.


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