Xiaomi tipped to launch a 13T series phone in Q4 2023 instead of the Xiaomi 13S series

Xiaomi 13 Pro 2

Xiaomi is all set to release its upcoming flagship series, the Xiaomi 13, in the global market on February 26th during the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Meanwhile, a recent leak has shed some light on the company’s plans for its future flagship phones. According to the leak, Xiaomi will not be launching the Xiaomi 13S lineup this year but will instead introduce the Xiaomi 13T series. That is expected to happen sometime in Q4 this year. Here are the specifics.

In 2021, Xiaomi released an upgraded version of its Xiaomi 12 series, called the 12S lineup. And one of the biggest positives with the Xiaomi 12S is that it featured a more powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor which came across as a more capable version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor that powered the Xiaomi 12 series phones. The series also included the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, which was praised for its outstanding camera capabilities. However, according to leakster Digital Chat Station, Xiaomi will not be launching a Xiaomi 13S series this year.

The current Xiaomi 13 devices come with the highly impressive Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is a substantial improvement from last year’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. This implies that there is little chance of Qualcomm launching a new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 SoC, which leaves Xiaomi with limited options for upgrades. Given this, it’s reasonable for the brand to skip the introduction of a new 13S series since the existing 13 lineup already features outstanding hardware.

Despite foregoing the 13S series, Xiaomi reportedly plans to launch the more affordable Xiaomi 13T series later this year, the leakster claimed. There are also rumors that one of the devices in the upcoming lineup will be a rebranded version of the Redmi K60 Extreme Edition, which has yet to hit the market. Xiaomi previously adopted a similar strategy when they renamed the Redmi K50 Extreme Edition as the Xiaomi 12T Pro last year. However, the 12T Pro was later upgraded with a 200 MP camera, replacing the 108 MP camera of the original model.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear if the Xiaomi 13T series will be launched in India. However, according to tipster Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings), testing for a new Xiaomi smartphone series has reportedly started in various European and Eurasian regions, which could potentially be the Xiaomi 13T lineup.


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