Xiaomi Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro with 1-degree temperature control launched in China

xiaomi mijia kettle 2 pro

Xiaomi has a new smart home gadget to offer – the Xiaomi Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro. One of the key features of the new Xiaomi Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro includes its ability to set the temperature to within 1-degree accuracy, something that allows for greater control in the heating process so that you are able to heat different liquids depending on your precise requirements.

Setting the temperature can be achieved using the mechanical knob the smart kettle comes with. The knob also comes with an integrated LED display as well which shows the temperature you have set. Plus, there also is an LED smart light ring at the bottom which shows the present status of the device. Apart from this, the smart Kettle 2 Pro also comes with a supporting app which too can be used to set the temperature, besides providing access to different settings on the device as well. For this, the device supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi to communicate effectively with the smartphone app.

A cool feature of the smart Xiaomi Kettle 2 Pro is the boiling mode it comes with. Here, opting for the Purified Water Mode will only boil the water but when unfiltered water is used for boiling, it will boil the water and then cool it down followed by boiling the water again. This way, the water will be rendered pure enough to be fit for drinking.

Coming to the specs, the Kettle 2 Pro comes with a power rating of 1,800 W. It comes with the capacity to hold 1.7 liters of water and can maintain a constant temperature for up to a max of 24 hours. The lid is also designed conveniently to open in two stages, which ensures you won’t be exposed to a gush of steam the moment the kettle’s lid is opened. Further, the lid can be operated with a one-touch button, making its operation easy and simple.

The Kettle 2 Pro also operates silently with a peak noise rating of 45 dBa. The 304 stainless steel inner stands 242 mm tall while the base spans 155 mm. The entire thing weighs quite convenient 1.24 kilos. The Xiaomi Mijia Thermostatic Kettle 2 Pro is currently only available in China where it has been priced at 199 yuan, which comes to around $27.


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