Xiaomi 13 Ultra gets updates for better camera performance within just hours of its launch

xiaomi 13 ultra gets camera updates

Since its launch in China, Xiaomi’s latest flagship smartphone offering, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, has generated a buzz in the tech community. Early reviews suggest it may be the best Android camera phone that money can buy at the moment. Despite the huge positive reception that it has received so far, the company has wasted no time and has already released several updates for the device within just days of its release.

Not resting on its laurels, Xiaomi has already released two updates for the device within 24 hours of its launch. The updates, which come in the form of MIUI 14 OTA, aim to further enhance the already impressive camera performance of the device. The first update, MIUI, is quite substantial given that it weighs around 6.5 GB and is inclusive of two Google security patches as well. Among the camera optimizations brought about by the latest update include enhancement to the default zoom ratio for street shooting mode while the fixed focus distance for the same mode has also been adjusted for better performance.

Then there is also the new MIUI patch that Xiaomi has come up with and which the company is urging all Xiaomi 13 Ultra users to upgrade to for better performance. The MIUI patch too has been released soon after the launch of the smartphone. Also, despite its relatively smaller size of 87 MB, the update promises to bring significant improvements to the overall user experience, system stability, and shooting quality. The three main enhancements in this patch include the optimization of picture quality for specific scenes, the adjustment of the default zoom ratio of street shooting mode, and the fixed focus distance for the same mode.

Xiaomi, known for its prompt updates has advised users to install the latest updates as soon as they are able to after they receive the handset. The update focuses on enhancing the already impressive camera quality of the device as the latest camera optimization features that the update brings along take things to the next level. The overall user experience, system stability, and shooting quality gets vastly enhanced thanks to the latest updates.


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