Xiaomi 13 and MIUI 14 will launch on this day

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The latest Xiaomi flagship, the Xiaomi 13 now seems to have a firm release date – December 1, 2022, claimed leaker Kartikey Singh. This would push things back a bit considering that the flagship phone was earlier speculated to launch sometime in November itself. However, the Dec. 1 date seems quite sensible considering that this will enable the company to introduce the MIUI 14 software as well. The same is expected to make it to several other of the company’s phones in the following days and weeks.

Meanwhile, the above timeline applies to the Xiaomi 13 device only with the more up-market Xiaomi 13 Ultra believed to arrive even later. Market analysts believe it could be early 2023 before the 13 Ultra to reach showrooms. That way, those who might have been waiting for the top-end version of the upcoming Xiaomi flagship phone will do well to wait a little longer, which shouldn’t stretch beyond the first quarter though.

The launch of MIUI 14 which the leaker said will accompany the launch of the Xiaomi 13 will also be a welcome piece of news for many. That again has much to do with the UI ads that the latest software iteration promises to do away with. Apart from that, there does not seem to be any significant upgrade over the predecessor.

We will bring you more on this as it becomes available. So, keep watching.


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