Redmi Pad spotted on 3C site, battery and processor specs leaked

redmi pad

A new Xiaomi branded tablet has recently been seen on the 3C certification site which has led many to speculate if it is a Redmi branded tablet that is being prepped for launch sometime soon. If that is true, then this is going to be the first tablet to come our way under the Redmi brand. The Redmi Pad, as the tablet is being referred to by many, is identified by the model number MT8781 in the database of the 3C certification site.

Some sources also claim that the Redmi Pad is going to have 4G LTE connectivity, which likely points to its positioning in the budget segment. The tablet which has also been certified by the 3D authority in China is tipped to come with a 7,800mAh battery that would be backed by a 22.5W charger. Another source claimed that the Redmi Pad would feature a new MediaTek MT87871 SoC under the hood. The chipset is believed to have a similar characteristic as the Helio G99 chip. As per other rumors surrounding the Redmi Pad, the tablet is expected to come with an 11-inch display having 2K resolution.

Unfortunately, this is pretty much all that we know of the tablet at the moment. However, given that it has already secured the necessary certification from 3C, and has already been found to have been put to extensive testing in Asian and African regions, speculation is rife that the tablet will go on to launch in these regions sometime soon. Interestingly, this development comes close on the heels of Xiaomi launching a tablet having the model number 22081281AC. The tablet otherwise is known as the Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4 and has already gone on sale in the home country. The Redmi Tablet, in turn, is expected to be targeted at the mid-range segment in cost sensitive markets in Asia and Africa.

In a related development, Xiaomi has announced the launch of the Redmi 11 Prime 5G smartphone in India on Sept. 6. Prior to that, the company had revealed the Redmi Note 11 SE smartphone as well.


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