New Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro with eSIM compatibility points toward potential Wear OS integration

xiaomi watch 2 pro

There is a fresh new addition to the Xiaomi smartwatch lineup, something that has been officially named the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro. Although this name is a novel mention, the provided listing offers only a glimpse of its features.

Here’s a rundown of all that is known about this eagerly anticipated device.

According to information sourced from Xiaomiui, the imminent Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro, identifiable by the model number M2233W1, has made its way into the IMEI database. This crucial detail signifies that the smartwatch is geared up for cellular connectivity through an embedded SIM (eSIM). Consequently, users will have the capability to utilize this smartwatch independently of a smartphone, affording them the luxury of data connections and calls.

Digging deeper into the model number’s significance, what has come to the fore is that this wearable had actually surfaced earlier this year, as reported by GoAndroid. Furthermore, it appears that this smartwatch will be accompanied by two companions, each identified by the model numbers M2234W1 and M2235W1. Given the minimal variation in these model numbers, it’s safe to assume that they all belong to the same product line. Collectively, they may bear the name “Xiaomi Watch 2 series.”

Regrettably, comprehensive specifications of these upcoming smartwatches are yet to be disclosed. Nevertheless, a report from March gives a hint that these wearables might be powered by Wear OS.
It’s noteworthy to mention that these won’t mark Xiaomi’s initial foray into the realm of Wear OS smartwatches. The company had introduced its debut smartwatch, the Mi Watch, back in November 2019, which was indeed built on Google’s platform.

With these impending wearables possibly intended to succeed the Mi Watch, the nomenclature “Xiaomi Watch 2” seems fitting and poised to continue the innovative legacy.


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