Dragon scale fiber – Xiaomi Mix Fold 3’s breakthrough in durability

xiaomi mix fold 3 dragon scale fiber

Anticipation is reaching a crescendo as Xiaomi’s annual event looms on the horizon, promising to unveil a range of groundbreaking products. Leading the pack is the highly anticipated Mix Fold 3, which, in its eleventh-hour teaser, promises an innovation that goes beyond the ordinary — an avant-garde back cover material.

Foldable phones, due to their intricate mechanical structure, are often more vulnerable to damage from falls compared to their traditional counterparts. Xiaomi has conscientiously addressed this concern with the Mix Fold 3, bolstering its reliability to exceptional levels.

A tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming foldable is provided by Xiaomi’s teaser, hinting at a phone that epitomizes durability. The focal point of this teaser is the “Xiaomi Dragon Scale Fiber,” a revolutionary body material. Composed of a fusion between ceramic fiber and aramid fiber composite, the material undergoes a meticulously engineered high-temperature, high-pressure composite molding process at 150 degrees Celsius. The outcome is a body that boasts unprecedented strength and resilience, rendering it remarkably resistant to damage incurred from accidental drops.

The “Dragon Scale Fiber” has intrinsic advantages that include extraordinary toughness, remarkable strength, robust impact resistance, and puncture resistance. Astonishingly, a strand of ceramic fiber thinner than a human hair can withstand a stretching force of 1.15 kg without succumbing, surpassing the resilience of glass by a staggering 36-fold.

The elevated durability offered by the dragon scale fiber variant of the Mix Fold 3 comes with a price tag reflective of its cutting-edge composition. The cost may command an increase of 200-500 yuan, yet the investment seems justified for the enhanced longevity it promises.

Beyond its remarkable body material, the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 embraces a keel hinge design. This hinge, distinguished by its integrated non-porous upper surface, facilitates the keel’s movement when unfolded, thereby mitigating the depth of the crease on the screen.

The internal screen of the foldable is another testament to Xiaomi’s engineering prowess. Crafted from ultra-thin flexible glass, it exhibits a strength 2.25 times greater than the industry-standard CPI plastic film. This structural integrity safeguards the screen against fractures, while its capability to withstand 200,000 folds with just a 10-micron crease variation underscores its robustness.

The foldable’s internal screen also showcases a Pol-less Plus low-power large display, remarkably consuming 52 percent less power compared to conventional screens. Fueling the Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 is a formidable 4500mAh battery, supplemented by a meticulously orchestrated battery management system comprised of three surging chips.

As the launch of the foldable phone coincides with the introduction of the Xiaomi Pad 6 Max and the Redmi K60 Ultra, enthusiasts are poised for a trifecta of technological marvels. Stay tuned for the unveiling of these cutting-edge devices.


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