Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Speaker Kids Edition launched

Xiaomi XiaoAI Smart Speaker Kids Edition

Xiaomi has launched a new product called the Xiaoai Speaker Kids Edition, which is a smart speaker tailored for children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. As part of Xiaomi’s smart ecosystem, the speaker offers numerous features to enhance children’s learning and entertainment experience. It provides a diverse range of content, such as stories, English lessons, and educational resources, all carefully curated and tailored to the target age group to offer an informative and enjoyable learning experience.

Xiaomi’s XiaoAI Speaker Kids Edition boasts a distinctive bionic pet design that is both adorable and functional. The speaker also includes customizable DIY emoji stickers that allow kids to add their personal touch, making it a fun and imaginative addition to any room. Additionally, the speaker is constructed of sturdy ABS thick material, making it resilient and shock-resistant, ideal for withstanding accidental bumps and drops.

In addition to its unique appearance and durability, the Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker Kids Edition also has a notable feature, the built-in Xiao Ai Classmate Children’s Edition. This version of Xiao Ai classmate is specially tailored for children, with green-filtered answer content that ensures the content is appropriate for young users. The voice recognition feature has also been optimized for children’s pronunciation and enunciation, allowing the speaker to understand what they say accurately.

In addition, the Xiaoai Speaker Kids Edition offers support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing children to stream their favorite songs and podcasts from their smartphone or tablet. The product has a long battery life, allowing for hours of uninterrupted usage, and can be charged using a standard micro-USB cable. The speaker also has a built-in LED light that doubles as a night light, providing a comforting and calming atmosphere for children at bedtime. Overall, the Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Kids Edition is a versatile and engaging smart speaker that offers a range of features and content designed specifically for young children.

The Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Kids Edition comes with an accompanying mobile app that allows parents to interact with their children’s voice messages even when they are away from home. This feature enables parents to stay connected with their children and monitor their activities on the speaker remotely. The speaker is currently available for pre-sale at a price of 299 yuan which comes to around $43.


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