Xiaomi MiGu Headband designed to control smart home devices with brainwaves

xiaomi migu headband

Xiaomi has revealed a new wearable device that it claims will help the user in controlling the smart home devices present in the home with brain waves. Apart from these, the MiGu Headband, as the smart wearable device is named, can also monitor fatigue driving as well. The Chinese tech giant showcased the device in the third edition of its online hackathon where the MiGu Headband went on to win the first prize.

In its present form, the MiGu Headband sports a rectangular shape with just the right curvature to make it fit onto the forehead of the user. There is also a set of wires coming out of the headband from each side and has a clip attached at the end, which in turn latches on to the earlobes on each side. On the whole, the entire MiGu Headband is far from being ergonomic or portable though that is how things are likely to turn out to be with future iterations of the device.

Coming to its working, the team behind the MiGu Headband project said the wearable comes with three points which serve as the receiving end of electronic signals. The potential difference in the signals between the points will form the basis for reading electroencephalogram or EEG. To deal with the scenario of different people having different brainwaves depending on the emotional state they are in at that point in time, the headband is made to adapt to machine training that helps in mapping data to ideas. With enough training, the headband can acquire the skills needed to identify the right brain waves and initiate the desired action.

The company also released a concept video to demonstrate the working of the device. However, what is amply evident is that there is a lot of scope for improvement, prime among which is to ensure a more ergonomic design, one that is a lot less elaborate that the present form. It is quite unwieldy whether used at home for control of smart devices or in the car for monitoring fatigue conditions that might be dangerous for driving.

The revelation of the MiGu Headband also comes close on the heels of the company introducing the Mijia AR Smart Glasses. However, while the AR Smart Glasses are already listed on the company’s crowdfunding site for sale, there is no word yet as to when we can expect them to hit store shelves, if at all.


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