Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 launched in China

xiaomi smart home display 6

Xiaomi has something new to offer buyers in the domestic market – the Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6. The smart screen device sports a display of 6-inch dimension. A highlight of the Smart Home Display 6 design is its integrated build where the speaker is accommodated beneath the display. The display sits flush with the speaker which makes it look nice though the only downside here is the relatively thick bezels surrounding the display.

Built along the same lines as the Amazon Echo Show, the Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 also features a front cam of 2 MP resolution. The camera allows for both video calling as well as remote monitoring. The device is designed to function as a smart control hub for your home where it will act as a controlling station for other smart appliances that you may have.  A rear stand allows for enough flexibility for the device to be placed on any surface. The device runs the MIUI Home system and has a separate kid’s mode as well. That is not all the device also supports XiaoAi classmates as well.

The Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 also comes with some nice privacy features. That includes a physical button placed along the side that serves to turn the mic off. This can be great if you’d like to prevent the smart home display from listening to sensitive discussions being held in its vicinity. However, turning off the mic will also lead to the XiaoAi voice assistant getting disabled. Further, there is a physical slider as well that can cover up the front cam. This makes for an added layer of protection even if the webcam is turned off.

Xiaomi said the Smart Home Display 6 is also able to function in collaboration with the Smart Home Display 10. This will allow for yielding separate control over the other smart home appliance already present in your home. The Xiaomi Smart Home Display 6 is already on pre-order at the moment and is priced at 349 Yuan, which comes to around 52 US dollars.


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