Xiaomi Electric Vehicle battery specs revealed

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Xiaomi is on the verge of launching its highly anticipated electric vehicle (EV), and the latest reports shed light on some exciting details. Alongside the unveiling of the final pricing and release date, specific specifications regarding the EV’s battery have recently emerged, adding to the anticipation surrounding Xiaomi’s entry into the competitive electric vehicle market.

According to a trusted automotive blogger known as @MetaAuto, the Xiaomi EV will be powered by a lithium-ion battery with the model number A1310C and a manufacturer code of f47832. This remarkable battery operates at an impressive voltage of 726.7V, boasting a capacity of 139.0Ah and 101.0kWh, while weighing a modest 642.0kg. What truly sets it apart is the potential for high-voltage fast charging, with a capability of up to 800V. Experts have speculated that this battery variant is likely to be a ternary lithium version.

This revelation marks a significant milestone for Xiaomi as it ventures into the electric vehicle market, signaling a new era for the company. It also piques the interest of consumers eagerly awaiting Xiaomi’s debut in this domain, as high battery capacity and rapid charging capabilities are pivotal factors in the appeal of electric vehicles. If these specifications prove accurate, Xiaomi is poised to make a considerable impact on the market.

In addition to the battery details, other intriguing tidbits about Xiaomi’s electric vehicle have surfaced in recent months. Reports suggest that the EV will incorporate an in-house developed chip and vehicle system architecture, showcasing Xiaomi’s commitment to technological innovation. Furthermore, the company has initiated the selection process for delivery centers, demonstrating its proactive approach, while the pricing for the initial model has already been finalized.

With each new revelation, Xiaomi’s entry into the electric vehicle landscape becomes more enticing, generating heightened curiosity among tech enthusiasts and potential buyers. As the countdown to the official launch continues, Xiaomi appears poised to make a resounding statement in the ever-evolving world of electric mobility.


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