Xiaomi 14 Pro to come with significant advances in camera capabilities

xiaomi 13 pro

Xiaomi has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional camera capabilities with its flagship smartphones, and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro can be considered prime examples of this trend. As anticipation builds for the next iteration, rumors suggest that the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Pro will feature a significant camera upgrade compared to its predecessor.

While the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has already been released in China and awaits a global launch, details about the Xiaomi 14 Pro have started to surface. Notably, tipster Digital Chat Station revealed an interesting tidbit about the smartphone’s camera configuration. According to the leak, the Xiaomi 14 Pro will sport a 50 MP Periscope telephoto lens. This lens is expected to utilize the same sensor found in the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which boasts an impressive 122-degree coverage, equivalent to a 12mm focal length on a full-frame camera.

To recap, the Xiaomi 13 Pro features a triple Leica-tuned camera setup which comprises of a a 50 MP main camera with a 1-inch Sony sensor, a 50 MP ultrawide angle sensor, and a 50 MP telephoto shooter. The telephoto camera utilizes a 75mm lens, enabling 3.2x optical zoom and macro photography.

In the upcoming Xiaomi 14 Pro, the telephoto camera is rumored to adopt a periscope design, which alters the path of light to achieve zoom capabilities. Essentially, the light enters a mirror and undergoes folding before reaching the camera’s sensor. This design allows for the sensor to be positioned at a different level than the lens, meeting zoom requirements while avoiding excessive protrusion of the phone’s lens.


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