Red Dead Redemption 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks


Red Dead Redemption Two (2018) is still going strong as the most intricately detailed and immersive open-world game in 2022. The developers of Grand Theft Auto, here is the epic tale of Arthur in the treacherous heartland of America.

With a game map stretching to 75 square miles and about 50 hours of gameplay till completion, it’s possible to get lost. We haven’t yet started discussing endless outcomes to your choices and intelligent NPCs. It already sounds like a lot.

Beginners Guide to Tips and Tricks for Red Dead Redemption

For beginner-level players, here are some Red Dead Redemption 2 tips for surviving in the wild.

●     In-game Traveling

Cinematic mode: This allows you to watch the travel sequence like a movie while mounted on a horse. Your horse will take you to the waypoint without any input from you. Keep your hands on the controller in case a bounty hunter attacks, and you’re snapped back to normal.

Fast Travel: Fast travel in RDR2 doesn’t unlock until very late in the game and via a lot of money. You can fast travel long distances by catching a train with a paid ticket.

Pay-Off Bounties: Bounties are region-specific; you could simultaneously have one on your head in multiple areas. Pay them off, so you’re not interrupted by bounty hunters in the middle of missions. You would have to travel to each location’s post office.

Shoot Upwards: Shoot a bullet into the air, so any predators or enemies in the path are scared off.

●     Horsing Around

➢    Steed Bonding: Your horse learns new commands, and secret moves are unlocked if you keep up-leveling your bond.

➢    Whistle: Your pony pal will only be able to come to your rescue if you’re within its earshot when you whistle. Try to stay close to your horse.

➢    Unmount: Based on the horse’s personality, it can cause trouble for you in city and town streets by knocking over things or even killing someone. Besides, walking is better to get used to the greet/antagonize system.

➢    Extra Satchel: Your horse can be used to store rifles, hats, and a change of clothes in case you ever need them, which you will.

●     Keeping Up With The Cores

Arthur’s overall well-being and abilities at any given time are indicated by the two-fold core system in the HUD ( Heads-up Display). Cores are different from bars( rings on the outside). The cores aren’t impacted until the bars are drained. But depleting is inevitable.These Red Dead Redemption 2 hacks and cheats might help you along the way.

Here’s what to look out for:

❖    Health

❖    Stamina

❖    Dead-eye

How To Fill Up Arthur’s Cores?


Arthur’s core can be replenished and preserved by eating, drinking, sleeping, and, um, smoking up. Since Red Dead Redemption 2 tries to be very close to real life, you have to treat Arthur like he’s a real person. Try to think of him as a digital pet, like one of those pocket Pikachus.

●     Inventory Essentials

  1. Horse Revival Kit– Do we even have to explain this one? Be prepared for revival. Your horse is going to be your most important asset throughout the game.
  2. Tobacco- Smoke cigars, smoke cigarettes, and chew up as much raw tobacco as possible. In the game, we mean. Tobacco helps replenish the bar for Dead-eye.
  3. Arthur’s camera- You can take beautiful almost-cinematic in-game photographs of Arthur.
  4. Bandana- When your bread and butter is committing crimes, you wouldn’t willingly want to reveal who you are. Mask yourself using a bandana as much as possible.
  5. Spare Outfit- To keep your bars from depleting when you suddenly have to go on a mission to a snowy region, keep a change of warm clothes with you.

Things to Know About Red Dead Redemption 2 In General

Here are some general things that you should know About the Red Dead Redemption. Check this out.

Camping Is Important

Play games in your camp, upgrade, and bond with camp members. Camping activities will make these characters open up to you and tell you stories that will further clear up the lore of Red Dead Redemption.

Loot Is Easy Money

Loot whatever you can get your hands on. Loot your enemies, loot citizens, loot dead bodies, loot animals, and most importantly; you should loot a train.

Helping People Is Tricky

There’ll be people asking for help at every turn, but while you should keep up your honor and help them, try to be prepared when they double-cross you—helping people can be rewarding as well when they later offer you freebies.

Last Words

The lands are ruthless, the people are deceitful, and the adventure Arthur will take us on is so long that it’s almost never-ending. It’s on you to make wise choices because they truly do matter in this game. But hey, it’s a beautiful game. Remember to take it all in.

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