Dixon Technologies and Xiaomi Strengthen Partnership for Smartphone Manufacturing in India


Dixon Technologies (India) Ltd, a leading contract manufacturer, and Xiaomi Corp, the Chinese smartphone giant, are set to enhance their collaboration in India’s electronics manufacturing industry. The partnership aims to produce and export smartphones for Xiaomi, aligning with India’s push for local manufacturing and supply chain development. The move comes as Xiaomi plans to expand its product offerings and boost local procurement to reduce costs.

Dixon Technologies’ Collaboration with Xiaomi:

Dixon Technologies’ partnership with Xiaomi is a significant development in their efforts to strengthen their presence in the Indian market. Xiaomi India recently announced plans to manufacture wireless audio products in collaboration with electronics manufacturer Optiemus. Now, Dixon Technologies will join forces with Xiaomi to produce and export smartphones, marking a significant expansion of their existing relationship.

India’s Push for Local Manufacturing:

India’s government has been actively encouraging global companies to invest more in local manufacturing to bolster its position in the global electronics supply chain. As part of this initiative, Xiaomi has informed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government about its plans to collaborate with Dixon Technologies for smartphone assembly and potentially explore component manufacturing. This move aligns with the government’s goal of fostering local supply chains and reducing dependence on imports.

Benefits and Challenges:

For Xiaomi, partnering with Dixon Technologies presents an opportunity to expand its manufacturing capabilities in India and tap into the country’s vast consumer market. The collaboration allows Xiaomi to comply with Indian regulations and gain favor with government agencies, which have recently intensified scrutiny on Chinese companies. On the other hand, Dixon Technologies and Optiemus Electronics Ltd, another Indian contract manufacturer working with Xiaomi, stand to benefit from securing deals with a prominent global brand. This positions them as potential global suppliers and enhances their ambitions in the electronics manufacturing sector.

The Road Ahead:

The collaboration between Dixon Technologies and Xiaomi is a positive development for both companies. While Xiaomi aims to increase sourcing from India, including key components like displays and haptic feedback modules, Dixon Technologies seeks to expand its manufacturing capabilities and strengthen its position as a contract manufacturer. This partnership signals a deepening relationship between the two companies and reflects their commitment to leveraging India’s manufacturing potential.


The strategic collaboration between Dixon Technologies and Xiaomi represents a significant step towards enhancing the local manufacturing ecosystem in India. By partnering with a leading Indian contract manufacturer, Xiaomi aims to strengthen its foothold in the Indian smartphone market and diversify its product offerings. The alliance highlights India’s growing prominence in the global electronics supply chain and its attractiveness as a manufacturing hub. As Xiaomi and Dixon Technologies deepen their partnership, they are poised to contribute to India’s vision of becoming a powerhouse in electronics manufacturing and further propel the country’s growth in the sector.


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