Xiaomi users report unwanted “Mintnav” malware on their phones

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Some Xiaomi users have raised concerns regarding their smartphones, alleging the presence of a controversial piece of software known as “Mintnav,” which they claim is causing issues with the Chrome browser. As of now, there is limited information available about how this purported malware may have impacted Xiaomi smartphones. The initial report of this unusual situation emerged on Reddit, where a user shared the following message:

“Hey, guys, I have recently noticed that on all my Xiaomi phones, my Google Chrome homepage was altered to a site named ‘Mintnav.’ Please exercise caution when dealing with it, as I couldn’t find any official documentation about this site. It appears to be a suspicious change, something that I’ve encountered with Xiaomi products multiple times.”

Following this Reddit post, several users on X (formerly Twitter) also voiced their concerns, with one individual even tagging India’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology in the discussion. While the worries of Xiaomi users are entirely justified, it remains unclear how this unknown program found its way onto Xiaomi smartphones. Efforts to gather more comprehensive information about this purported malware have encountered limitations.

Meanwhile, a tutorial website, Howtoremove Guide, categorizes “Mintnav” as a browser hijacker application. While it may not cause significant direct harm, it can be a source of considerable annoyance and disruption during regular web browsing. Notably, there have been no reports of Mintnav affecting users of other smartphone brands. This raises the possibility of Xiaomi being somehow connected to the situation, potentially linked to an update that introduced this alleged malware.

For those who have encountered Mintnav on their Chrome browser, removing it is possible by navigating to Chrome settings, accessing the “Homepage” section, and either disabling the option or restoring it to the default Chrome homepage.


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