Xiaomi unveils new affordable Q3 Pro Projector with 120Hz refresh rate and 500 lumens brightness

xiaomi q3 pro projector

Advancements in display technology continue to redefine visual experiences, something that is perhaps more evident in the superb screens gracing our smartphones. Yet, even with the finesse of phone, tablet, and laptop displays, the grandeur of watching content on a substantial canvas remains unparalleled. It is this requirement that has led Xiaomi to introduce the Q3 Pro projector which can let you have a big-screen feel right at your home.

The Q3 Pro projector boasts MEMC motion compensation technology, a hallmark typically associated with higher-priced projectors within the $400 – $500 bracket. Furthermore, it proudly integrates the high-performance Amlogic T982 TV chip, ensuring fluid frame rates for sports and gaming enthusiasts, promising a lag-free viewing escapade. The projector boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, aligning seamlessly with contemporary market standards, ensuring a silky-smooth and highly responsive display.

The projector’s luminance is a max 500 lumens which is a considerable improvement from its predecessor. Similarly, the contrast ratio scales to 2,000:1. However, this brightness level sits within the midrange spectrum of projectors. This information suggests that the Q3 Pro’s optimal screen size would range from 50 to 60 inches. At the heart of the Xiaomi Q3 Pro rests a 1080p resolution, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. The device is further embellished with twin 5W speakers and a suite of ports, including HDMI 2.1, USB 3.0, DC power, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Also, while 1080p might appear relatively modest in resolution, it’s imperative to consider the affordability of this projector. The groundbreaking 3-lens optical system effectively multiplies the resolution by a factor of six, culminating in crystal-clear and uniform visuals, effectively addressing the age-old concern of fuzzy corners often encountered in LCD projectors. The projector runs the  FengOS 3.0 which allows for an ad-free viewing experience.

The Xiaomi Q3 Pro projector is competitively priced at 1,699 Yuan in China. Prospective buyers can acquire it through the Xiaomi website and authorized retailers starting September 1st.


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