Xiaomi MS11 EV exterior design revealed, market launch imminent

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While it is no secret Xiaomi has been working on an EV model of its own, the good news on this front is that all of that might be nearing a culmination stage so that we might get to see the EV in real, plying on public roads sometime soon. A Weibo user has caught the car undergoing tests in China in its undisguised form, which has provided us with the clearest images of the car we have ever had till now. So far, we have only seen the car undergoing tests with heavy camouflage, with two prototypes of the car undergoing snow driving trials just weeks back. Even the Xiaomi CEO was believed to be behind the wheels of one of the test cars at that time.

Coming back to the latest sighting of the MS11, as the upcoming Xiaomi EV is being referred to at the moment, the car comes across as a four-door sports sedan which however bears a strong resemblance with the BYD Seal we have seen earlier, save for the headlamp cluster. That said, the design of the Xiaomi MS11 seems to be in tune with the leaked images that we have had of the car earlier. Curiously, Xiaomi had then stated the design leaked earlier was from an earlier prototype that has been discarded even though that does not seem to be the case.

In any case, what is evident from the images of the Xiaomi MS11 is a four-door sedan having sporty looks. Unique features of the EV include a full length glass roof and large wheel with Wilwood brakes providing stopping power. A LiDAR sensor is all too prominent and can be seen sitting on the top, along the margin of the front windshield which points to the car having an ‘Advanced Driver Assist System’, if not a full fledged self driving capability.

The Xiaomi logo can be seen sitting prominently at the center of the wheels. The car also comes with wide rear arches while the passenger cabin can be seen to narrow down towards the rear. The tail light cluster however seems to have been heavily influenced by Aston Martin. Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea of what the interiors are going to be like at the moment though that likely will change soon.


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