Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition launched

Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition

Xiaomi has introduced the MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition which, as the name suggests, supports color input this time. The Chinese company said this has been achieved thanks to the use of a color liquid crystal panel specifically developed for the purpose. This makes for a significant development considering that the first generation MIJIA LCD Blackboard that was launched back in 2019 was capable of reproducing a single color  – white – writing. Needless to say, the ability to produce multiple colors has made the device all the more lively and exciting.

A nice feature of the new Blackboard is that it allows changing the thickness of the handwriting by altering the pressure with which the pen is pressed against the surface. There is also a special sensing area at the top which will let the user clear the blackboard in one go. Xiaomi further stated the blackboard does not come with a backlit display, relying instead on ambient light to make the display visible. This, the company said, makes the display to be extremely eye-friendly and causes the least strain.

Also, considering that no blue light is emitted makes the blackboard fit for use by even the kids as well as the elderly class. They won’t have any significant eye strain even after using the blackboard for an extended period of time. Apart from this, the other inherent positive of the Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition is that it consumes power only when the content is erased. This makes it extremely power efficient though it is not known how long it is going to last on a single charge.

However, the MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition only serves as a write-and-wipe tablet at the moment. There is no way one can save what has been written or drawn on the blackboard. While that makes it a digital counterpart of the physical blackboard in the truest sense of the term, the option to save what has been written on it would enhance its functionality all the more. Meanwhile, storage functionality is available with the Xiaomi MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Storage Edition.

While that is mere speculation at the moment, the MIJIA LCD Small Blackboard Color Edition right now is available in two size options of 10-inch and 13.5-inch and is priced at 59 Yuan and 99 Yuan respectively. Xiaomi has initiated the crowdfunding campaign for both versions and is available via Xiaomi Youpin.


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