Xiaomi might look towards MediaTek due to Qualcomm Chip shortage

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Due to last year completely eaten up by the Pandemic and people locked up indoors. The demand for electronics has skyrocketed. Industries across the globe are already stressed out with the pandemic disrupting the demand-supply cycle.

The latest entrant in the problem is Qualcomm which is facing a chip shortage. One of Qualcomm’s biggest suppliers is Samsung, which has already indicated that this shortage could last this whole year. This has already led the brand to kill their flagship Note lineup product this year.

According to a new report that has been floating on the web, Xiaomi which is one of the biggest consumers of Qualcomm Chips has been thinking of shifting some of their smartphone base towards MediaTek. Lately, MediaTek has upped their semiconductor game and has come out with low-cost 5G chips, something that Qualcomm has not been able to replicate.

While these 5G MediaTek do come with support for 5G, they are not at par with Qualcomm’s 5G chips in terms of overall performance and feature list. This report also comes at a time, when we are hearing rumors of the Redmi flagship packing the latest MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset. While both Xiaomi and Redmi have been pumping out smartphone models with Qualcomm chips as recent as the Redmi Note 10 series, it will be interesting to see how Xiaomi navigates this chip shortage.

This issue is not just affecting Xiaomi and a lot more smartphone manufacturers are figuring out their next move. We are closely tracking this story and will be back with more updates.

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