Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank for iPhone 12 and 13 launched

xiaomi magnetic wireless power bank

Xiaomi has launched a new accessory meant for use exclusively by iPhone users. The Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is designed to serve both as a wireless charger as well as a wireless power bank in that it can transfer charge to the iPhone while on the move or anywhere and anytime you want. Specifically, the charger is designed to be compatible with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices. However, it is not known at the moment if the charger will support the iPhone 14 as well given that it has almost the same dimension as that of the iPhone 13.

A nice feature of the Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is that the magnetic wireless power bank and the wireless charger part of it are both modular and are hence separable. The wireless charger itself has an upright stance and rests on the surface at a slightly slanting angle. You can as well charge your iPhone while keeping it attached to the charger. This way, you can also do video chats or perform other tasks. While on the move, you can remove your phone but keep the wireless power bank attached to the phone if it still needs to be charged. The company however is only shipping the charger and the power bank so that buyers will have to procure the USB Type-C adapter separately.

Coming to its specs, the power bank houses a 5000 mAh battery pack that attaches to iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 via magnetic action. It initiates charging on its own and does not require pressing the button included. The power bank gets charged via a USB Type-C interface that allows for 20W input and 12W output. The power bank also comes with pogo pins which allow for seamless connectivity between the wireless power bank and the wireless charging stand. The charging stand, on its part, comes with a USB Type-C port via which it needs to be connected to an AC power source.

Xiaomi said the Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is airline safe and hence can be carried easily while traveling. However, it comes in a single shade of white. Also, as it is with most other Xiaomi accessories, the Xiaomi Magnetic Wireless Power Bank is exclusive to China and isn’t expected to be ever available worldwide.


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