Xiaomi launches Smart Standing Fan 2 with voice control support in India

xiaomi smart standing fan 2

Xiaomi has a cool new product to offer buyers in India. It is the new Smart Standing Fan 2 which is a standing fan designed to offer quiet cooling comfort to one’s home. The company is also using the tagline ‘Quiet Smart, Quiet Cool’ to market the standing fan which Xiaomi said has much to do with the BLDC motor that is designed to operate with minimal noise output. Xiaomi said the Smart Standing Fan 2 generates minimal noise levels of 30.2db while the maximum noise it creates is about 55.8db.

The Smart Standing Fan 2 is also unique thanks to the 7+5 wing shaped blade that it comes with. The unique shape of the wing blade ensures the fan is able to deliver a steady stream of air while producing minimal noise. It offers a natural breeze mode for which it incorporates a special smart algorithm while aiding in a three dimensional air flow as well. It boasts of about 100 speed levels to ensure users have just the right amount of breeze to suit their requirements.

Coming to its smart attribute, the Smart Standing Fan 2 is designed to respond to voice commands. For that, it supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, and users can use either to alter the fan’s speed or other aspects of it. The around 100 speed modes can be controlled via the Xiaomi Home App while the fan can also be integrated with the existing smart home hub for remote operations.

Apart from this, the Smart Standing Fan 2 also makes a mark with its simplistic yet smart looks. It features a lightweight design as well, weighing in at just 3 kilos. The stand too can be contracted and extended as the need might be. Cleaning and regular maintenance is also a breeze as the fan can be easily dismantled which essentially is a six-step process.

The Smart Standing Fan 2 is now available for purchase in India via the Mi India website and is priced at Rs. 5,999.


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