Xiaomi launches the MIJIA Smart Curtain Motor 1S in China

xiaomi mijia smart curtain motor 1s

Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Smart Curtain Motor 1S which the company said has the potential to change the way we regulate our draperies. The MIJIA Smart Curtain Motor 1S is designed to respond to a variety of user actions, which ranges from a light tug on the device to the use of the bundled remote control, the MIJIA app, or the Xiao AI voice command. Apart from this, the smart curtain motor can also be linked to other smart devices already present in your home – the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10, for instance – as long as it is compatible with the MIJIA smart home system.

Coming to the smart curtain motor features, there are many. For instance, you can set the time when the curtain would close. You can also set the specific portion of the curtain that you wish to open. You can also set the curtain to open 35 mins prior to your expected waking up time. Further, with the smart curtain motor being Wi-Fi enabled as well, you can also operate the same even if you aren’t at home. This way, you can choose to let in some sunlight into your room even while you are traveling, while closing the curtains after a certain duration.

The integrated DC motors ensure the curtain moves slowly and softly. Specifically, the motor is designed to move the curtains 12 cm every second. You are also open to using curtain fabric and design of your own choice so long as it is less than 50 kilos in weight, which is hardly the case though. The heaviest of curtains aren’t expected to weigh that much, if not for exceptionally large windows.

Unfortunately, the MIJIA Smart Curtain Motor 1S is only available in China where it is currently on pre-order for 50 yuan, which comes to around $7. Interested buyers can also pre-order the curtains for 699 yuan while it is slated to go on sale for 799 yuan. No word yet when, or if at all, the MIJIA Smart Curtain Motor 1S will see an international launch.


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