Xiaomi launches MIJIA Sweeping and Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner in China

mijia robot vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi has launched a new robot vacuum cleaner under the MIJIA brand in China. The MIJIA Sweeping and Mopping Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S support sweeping and mopping operations. For this, it can load and unload water automatically while the cleaning agent too gets dispensed on its own when the same is installed in the cleaning base.

The vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a 4kPa fan and offers a four-speed suction mode to suit cleaning operations on different surfaces. It is also designed to lift the mop during cleaning so as to prevent contamination with dust and ensure a thorough cleaning is done. It in fact adjusts the modes and particular cleaning operations to ensure optimal cleaning each time.

There is a camera onboard as well which together with the advanced AI graphics algorithm it comes with enables it to adjust to the room it is assigned to clean. It creates a map of the room depending on the objects the room contains and performs the cleaning operations accordingly while staying clear of obstacles like furniture and such. Apart from this, users also have the option to set a specific cleaning plan as well for a particular room if they so wish.

Another unique feature of the MIJIA sweeping and mopping robot vacuum cleaner is that it uses a hot air dryer after every cleaning operation. This is done to dissipate odor or humidity that might have accumulated and can blow hot air for up to two hours to ensure the machine is perfectly dehumidified and dry after every cleaning job. This way, when it starts cleaning the next day, it is perfectly clean and leaves a fresh feel in every room. It is not known though what the range the robot vacuum cleaner comes with or how long its battery is going to last.

The MIJIA sweeping and mopping robot vacuum cleaner can also be integrated into the MIJIA smart home network. This will allow for remote operation of the remote via the mobile app on the user’s smartphone. Apart from this, users will also be able to set a  customized cleaning plan as they need might be. The MIJIA robot vacuum cleaner is current on pre-order in China where it is priced at 3,999 yuan, which comes to around $561. It is not known when the vacuum cleaner will make it to international markets though.


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