Xiaomi launches MIJIA Smart Yuba bathroom heater priced at $99

mijia smart bathroom heater

It was in September 2020 that Xiaomi launched the MIJIA Smart Yuba bathroom/toilet warm air lighting system. It has followed that up a year later with the MIJIA Smart Yuba bathroom heater which can be considered a more trimmed down version of its Pro counterpart. Among the new features that make up the MIJIA Smart Yuba bathroom heater include DC inverter motors that have been sourced from Japan and have a power rating of 2800 Watts. Plus, the device is also capable of raising the temperature by 15 degrees in just a minute, allowing for 120 degree swing wind. Then there is the third gear as well that is user-adjustable.

Xiaomi said the MIJIA Smart Yuba is capable of superior performance thanks to the integration of powerful dual AC motors that can heat up the surroundings very quickly. Another nice feature of the MIJIA Smart Yuba is that it supports intelligent control functions while also providing air coverage over a relatively large area. Onboard, there is PTC ceramic heating module with a peak power rating of 2400W. Also, with the ability to raise temperatures by around 10 degrees in just a minute, there is going to be soothing warmth spread all around in no time. This way, a warm shower is waiting for you even in the coldest months whenever you want it.

Apart from these, the system provides a pair of gears that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. It includes a warm air block along with a warm air high block for enhanced convenience. The super long air outlet measuring 52 cm ensures the warm air is circulated uniformly to every corner. Also, all of it takes place in a bright well-lit environment with 1100 lumens of the brightness all around. Included with the device is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless remote control that offers eight easy-to-read buttons for activating various functions.

Another nice feature of the device is that it can be controlled via the app present on your smartphone. This will ensure you are able to turn on the device in advance so that when you are back home, you will have the heater ready to offer you a nice, warm, and refreshing bath. If you have smart temperature and humidity controls already installed at home, the MIJIA Smart Yuba can be made to work in tandem with such sensors so that the device switches on or off according to your set preferences.

The MIJIA Smart Yuba is currently selling from TMall where it is priced at 699 Yuan, which comes to around $99.


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