Upcoming Xiaomi EV caught testing in the snow under CEO Lei Jun’s supervision

xiaomi car prototype

Xiaomi is already known to be working on an electric vehicle model to take on the likes of Tesla or other EV brands currently operating in the domestic market or the world over. However, while the company has been secretive with its EV venture, the Xiaomi car was recently spotted undergoing extreme weather testing in China. In fact, it is two of the EV prototypes that were seen being put through their paces in the snow, with none other than the company CEO Lei Jun personally supervising the tests. The CEO is believed to have been behind the wheels of one of the EV prototypes.

Companies resort to all types of tests to ensure their vehicles perform optimally in varied weather conditions, which can range from the extreme heat in a desert to the freezing cold in a snowy region. The vehicle also has to prove its efficacy in humid or wet conditions, or maybe in water logged conditions as well to ensure it is fit for everyday use. In other words, these are made to pass through the worst of conditions to ensure they deliver the best results in the real world. No wonder, the upcoming Xiaomi car too is being subjected to such tests and fine tuned before it is eventually launched.

Meanwhile, it was two Xiaomi EV prototypes that have been seen undergoing tests. Also, while the EVs were heavily camouflaged, it would perhaps be safe to presume it is a sports sedan that the company will have on sale before it branches out to offer other vehicle types like SUVs as well. Meanwhile, a LiDAR sensor on the top also seems evident, which indicates some sort of advanced driver assist system being used in the car, if not a full blown self driving attribute.

We expect more details of the upcoming Xiaomi EVs to emerge closer to the actual launch, which likely will happen later this year itself. Official sales are expected to commence in 2024.



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