Redmi showcases 300W fast charging tech

redmi 300w fast charging tech

Xiaomi showcased its 200W wired fast charging technology as early as the first half of 2021. Now, Redmi, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, has taken mobile phone fast charging tech to the next level by achieving 300W wired fast charging on smartphones. This has set a new record so far as the fast charging of smartphones is concerned.

The Xiaomi team demonstrated the 300W wired fast charging technology with the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ Magic Version, which has a built-in 4100mAh battery. It only took 5 minutes to fully charge the phone, and the power output time was over 2 minutes. The official claims that this technology uses a customized 6:2 charge pump chip, with a maximum conversion efficiency of 98 percent. It also solves the issue of high current heating that the conventional 4:2 charge pump solution faces.

Moreover, the technology introduces a new type of hard carbon material that significantly enhances the charging speed. The charger features the fourth-generation GaN integration solution and is the same size as the Xiaomi 210W charger but with a 43 percent increase in power.

It is worth noting that Redmi is not the first to commercially launch such technology, although they previously showcased their 200W wired charging technology. The first commercially launched device with this level of charging power was iQOO. Nonetheless, this advancement in mobile phone fast charging technology suggests that we can expect continued improvements in the future.


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