Redmi Pad 5G tablet image leaked online

redmi pad 5g leaked online

Xiaomi is rumored to be working on its first Redmi tablet christened the Redmi Pad 5G. That is the name that was spotted in the MIUI 12 survey in May 2022 though it is not known if the company will go ahead and name the commercial version of the tablet by the same name. In any case, irrespective of what it might be called, the tablet is known to have received its 3C certifications by the authorities in China just weeks back. And now, an image purported to be that of the Redmi Pad 5G has emerged online providing us with a glimpse of what the tablet is going to be like in reality.

Although there is not much about the tablet that has come to the fore, what seems evident is that it could have been carved out of metal. That should make the tablet more durable and rigid compared to plastic clad devices. A prominent rectangular camera module is hard to miss too, one that is placed along the top left corner. Experts however opine there is going to be a single sensor at the rear with perhaps the LED flash held in the bottom portion even though that is hardly discernible from the image leaked online.

Meanwhile, information currently available points to the Redmi tablet having model number 22081281AC that has received 3C and CMIIT certification back in June 2022. The information available on the CMIIT certification site point to the tablet being 5G ready while supporting Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity. The 3C site again claimed the tablet will have 67W fast charging support though the battery size doesn’t get mentioned.

Other sources have claimed the Redmi Pad 5G might come powered by a not too powerful MediaTek chipset. This leaves the scope open for a Pro variant being in the making, one that will come with a more powerful chipset. There have also been rumors of the tablet coming pre-loaded with the MIUI Lite OS which is usually what low-end devices come with.

Reports also claim that there could be as many as four tablets for launch in China sometime soon. That includes the one with model no. 22081281AC or L81A in short form that is being referred to as the Redmi Pad 5G. Other devices are identified by the shortened model numbers L81, L82, and L83 which likely points to the Xiaomi Pad 6, the Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro, and the Xiaomi Pad 6 Pro 5G tablet devices respectively.


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