Here is what is new with MIUI 14


Xiaomi has recently unveiled the much-awaited MIUI 14 for both global and Indian markets, boasting improved efficiency, user-friendliness, and privacy features over its predecessor. With an array of innovative functionalities and optimizations designed to cater to modern smartphone users, MIUI 14 was presented as the perfect match for Xiaomi’s new flagship devices during the Xiaomi 13 series launch event.

One of the most striking features of MIUI 14 is its card-style design, which presents information in a neat, organized manner, akin to post-it notes. This design is particularly beneficial for users who want to stay on top of their tasks and activities. MIUI 14 is also optimized to take up less storage, compressing rarely-used apps automatically, and allowing users to dismiss notifications when no longer needed, thereby freeing up more memory. It now occupies 4 GB less space compared to its predecessor.

Moreover, MIUI 14 has on-device privacy features that provide added security and peace of mind to users by protecting sensitive information and reducing the associated risks of data processing. With the capability to recognize text on images quickly and accurately, MIUI 14 leverages the device’s capabilities without transferring sensitive information to the cloud. This feature is available for over ten system services.

In addition, MIUI 14 helps users stay connected with their devices more seamlessly. Users can easily sync the apps they’re using between their smartphone and tablet with a simple click from the taskbar, making file transfer across devices easier, which is particularly useful for people on the go.


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